Why Write? My first post in the blogosphere!

Why Write?

I am writing this blog in the hopes that I will be able to teach at least a few about why writing is really a wonderful experience. Writing changed my life, it helped make me into the person I am today. As I learn and grow as a writer, I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned and how that can affect your lives. There are so many different things about writing to learn, it’s like a journey that doesn’t end for your whole life. I hope I can convey to you how amazing writing is, why we should all care about it, and maybe even inspire you to do a little work of your own.


Why should we care about writing? Why should we care about reading other people’s work? In this new age of information and technology, it has become so much easier to share our thoughts and ideas with the world. How we connect has become dependent on writing out our thoughts and sharing them, usually via the internet. So why should we care about writing? Because that is how we learn from others. It’s how we grow and connect. Whether it’s sharing an article on some obscure topic, or sharing a creative piece, we are giving and receiving new ideas on our lives and how they work. Writing helps us to express ourselves, to share our voice with the world. It helps us to reach to deeper levels of ourselves and help us grow. Writing even allows us to change the world, even if in just a small way. Even if a person doesn’t feel they have the skills to share their thoughts through writing, it’s still important to learn so that you can articulate yourself to the rest of the world.

I care about writing because I find it is the best way to share my thoughts with others. I feel like even if only one person reads what I have to say, it is still worth the time and effort to put it out there. Writing was meant to help us connect with each other, and to enrich our lives in a deeper way. As long as we all can understand that, and realize it’s importance, we can start our journey deeper into the writing world.


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