Staying Connected

How writers stay connected to their readers.

For this post I am mostly emphasizing writers who have published physical work (hard copies). Writers who focus their work on the web already have a decent connection or ability to connect to their readers, the challenge is more for writers whose work is on the page. Here are a few tips from published writers on how to stay connected with your readers beyond the published words of their work.


  1. Be clear about your messaging
  2. Make it easy to stay connected (i.e. keep updated on social media, have an email address for communication.)
  3. Spend time on a consistent basis reading and responding to your readers.
  4. Have question session, were you have a real time discussion with your readers online were they can ask questions about you and your work.
  5. Attend conferences and seminars where you know you will be able to connect with your readers.
  6. Connect with other writers who are in a similar field and see what they do to stay connected.


Some believe the digital age has separated writers from their readers. This blog goes into how writers can tend to insulate themselves and make a habit of staying in their own bubble.



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