Finding Your Writing Community

As a writer, it is important for growth to be in a community of like-minded writers. With these people, a writer can not only get feedback on their writing, but they also have the opportunity to help other writers grow. The biblical phrase ‘iron sharpens iron’ fits this idea very well.

Many writers, however, have a hard time finding a good fit or don’t even know where to begin to look to. I myself struggled a long time as a writer trying to find that community of writers who I could share my writing with and vice versa. Eventually I found a group of people who lived in my community, who accepted me and helped me grow, but there were some things I wish I had known to help me along that journey.

Brook Mcintyre, who writes for Inked Voices, wrote a great post on basically every type of writing group and how to find them. She also writes about what to look for in a writing group for your sake as well as theirs.


By far, my favorites are; NaNoWriMo, conferences, and if you are lucky, a local group who you can meet up with regularly.

Let me know what seems to work for you in the comments below, or if you have anything to add from your own experience!


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