Finding a writing mentor!

One of the biggest questions any writer faces when thinking about their future career: how do I find a writing mentor? This is a huge question I had to ask myself when I first started getting serious with my writing. In my personal experience, I didn’t do any research to find out how this works. For me it just kind of happened. So for this post I had to do a little research on just how does one find a writing mentor.

Have no fear! It is a lot easier than it seems. Yes, it does involve a little work and maybe stepping out of your comfort zone to find the right fit. But it is absolutely worth it! Here are a few links to some sites with great ideas on how to find a great writing mentor.


It’s probably important to understand why having a writing mentor is important. Here are some thoughts on that…. Also included are some ways to find such a writing mentor!


Have any other thoughts? Share them below!


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