Self-Publishing: Nightmare or God Send?

Some writers tend to freak out when they hear these words: Self-publishing. Honestly, self-publishing seems like a huge feat for any writer, but it is actually easier than it sounds. Don’t mistake me, it does take a lot of work and time to put together a project like this and publish it on your own. But it is doable. In fact, many self-published books and projects are quite successful.

There are a few different reasons to take the self-publishing route. One being that some writers do not want to deal with getting an agent, finding a publishing company, and dealing with the steps to publish through them. Others like to be able to make all of their own decisions through the whole process, where if you are working with a publishing company there are certain things they decide on themselves. Others just enjoy the process of self-publishing their books and wouldn’t give it up any day.

Here is a blog post by Nathan Bransford, a self-published author and blogger.


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