Finding Your Publisher

Another one of those topics that gets most writers all worked up. Why can’t we just write what we want when we want and get paid for it without having to worry about the whole publishing thing? I must admit, I have had these thoughts MANY times. But finding a publisher is not as bad as it sounds. And if you just can’t bring yourself to think that, then think of it as a necessary evil. Unless you are going the self-publishing route, working with a publisher is the best way to get your work out to your readers.


The next question would be, ‘How do I find the right one?’. There are lots of ways to find the right publisher. While this blog has much more information than just how to find a publisher, the writer has published many books and has even published a book on how to publish a book. So pay attention!!


Also, here is more advice on successfully finding a publisher by a very popular writer. You may have heard of her before.


Questions?? Comment below!


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